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How to Create a Prosperous Fundraising Campaign

My son and I go camping with the Boy Scouts almost every month. Even in the winter. 🙂 Scouts develop meal plans, assign kitchen duties and other roles. They pack tents and cooking gear, and prepare for almost every possible situation. And because they thoroughly prepare, every camping trip is successful (read: no trips to […]

Is Your Fundraising Appeal Turning Off Your Donor?

Most nonprofits love statistics. They remind staff and board members why their work matters. And statistics can be helpful when reporting outcomes or applying for grants. But using statistics can actually hurt your fundraising appeals. Statistics can turn a emotionally compelling fundraising appeal into a total bummer. In one study by the University of Oregon, […]

4 Creative Summertime Fundraising Projects

In June, everyone shifts into summertime mode. The kids are done with school. Summer camps and vacations are anticipated. And for many nonprofit marketers, work slows down or takes on a different pace. 4 Creative Summertime Fundraising Projects How can you make the most of your summertime mode? Here are a few creative summertime fundraising projects to get […]

John Haydon