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Win an Extreme Pitch Makeover at @Kanter’s Blog

Erica Mills teamed up with Beth Kanter give away 3 copies of Pitchfalls: why bad pitches happen to good people. Erica (who teaches graduate students how to craft perfect pitches) will be doing an Extreme Pitch Makeover for one Grand Prize Winner. The results of the makeover will be featured on Beth’s blog. Deadline is this Friday, October […]

How To Understand The Native Language Of Facebook

If you’re not using Facebook as an individual, you’ll never really fully understand the culture. It’s like learning to speak French only from a book and then actually visiting France. Those who live there will be able to tell you’re a foreigner in a matter of seconds. You won’t get their jokes, expressions, body language […]

Disagreeing versus Disrespecting on Social Media

Knowing the difference between when someone is disagreeing with you and when someone is disrespecting you on social media will save you lots-o time and frustration. Disagreeing If someone disagrees with you, it’s an opportunity to listen, open your mind and maybe change theirs. It’s a chance to demonstrate how confident you are in your cause. […]

Seven Tools to Create Awesome Visual Content

Images are one of the best ways to tell your story, simply because they convey the emotional and unconscious elements of your story that words often can’t. This is why people share photos the most on Facebook, and why Pinterest has blown up practically overnight. The shift towards visual storytelling also means that you need […]

Five Ways To Make Your Content Viral

Team Uterati is an awareness / advocacy campaign that launched a few months ago to fight against the War on Women. They’ve gotten a significant amount of traction on Facebook, Twitter and a Wiki for their core activists. Here are five things they’ve done right to get their message out to a wider audience: It’s […]

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