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Make a Bigger Impact with a Nonprofit Mentor

Now more than ever, it’s important for nonprofits to come together and work as allies and mentors. The value of being mentored seems pretty obvious: new skills, confidence, friendship, etc. And in fact, the research shows that people who are mentored get more job promotions and earn more than people who aren’t. Having a mentor […]

How To Avoid The Social Media Time Suck

Even incremental time management improvements with your social media efforts can add up to huge gains in long-term productivity – without the wasted time. Here are a few ways to manage your time with social media: 1. Make a list – and check it twice Simply having a written list of the social media sites I […]

DIY Digital Storytelling Resources from TechSoup

To create and share inspiring stories online, nonprofits need both storytelling resources and inspiration. TechSoup‘s annual nonprofit digital storytelling contest, Storymakers, provides both. The Storymakers campaign helps nonprofits communicate better abundant resources on how to tell better stories, and get those stories noticed. In the past few years, we’ve seen the transformation from long to short-form […]

Should You Fire Your Designer and Just Use Canva?

Graphic designers get paid for their design expertise. The best ones understand how design influences emotions and motivates action. But you don’t need a graphic designer to resize a photo for a Facebook post. You don’t need a graphic designer to create inspirational quotes for Instagram. You can use Canva. Canvas solves three problems for content […]

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Is Like a Hammerhead Shark

You’re probably wondering what hammerhead sharks have to do with digital marketing and fundraising. Well, I wondered the same thing. But my desire to write a blog post about sharks won over logic and reason. So… here are five ways your nonprofit is like a hammerhead shark: 1. You Both Possess Mutant-Like Eyeballs Hammerhead sharks can see almost 360 degrees. Nothing escapes their […]

How To Use IFTTT To Kill The Drudgery Of Social Media

You know what’s a huge time-suck? Social media drudgery. You know, the tedious and repetitive tasks that are part of every social media manager’s job. You have way more to offer the world than copy/pasting content from social media sites into spreadsheets. YOU have creative ideas that the world needs! IFTTT helps you spend more time on that good stuff, and less […]

14 IFTTT Recipes for Social Media Marketing

If you’re not familiar with it, IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a free utility that automates tedious online tasks. For example, updating Google spreadsheets with retweets, updating profile pictures across networks, or uploading Instagram pictures to DropBox. Basically, it’s a digital personal assistant who takes care of repetitive tasks, based on simple if/then rules. The automated tasks you create […]

My one word for 2014

My one word for 2014 is led (as in the metal). I know, it sounds like a funny word to use for goal setting. I’m spelling it “led” so I don’t confuse it with “lead” as in being a leader, although I plan on doing a lot of that in 2014. And it’s only one […]

Why Cross-Posting Is A Bad Idea

You live in an age and place where technology allows us to increasingly automate countless daily tasks. But just because you can automate something, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do so. Especially if those tasks require tact. For example, scheduling an update on Facebook to go live at an optimal time doesn’t require tact. But […]

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