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How to control social media

I was on the phone yesterday with a prospective client who expressed concern from her board about losing control. “I know that we need to eventually start blogging and tweeting,” she said. “but our board members are concerned about losing control.” She went on to describe what I think are extremely valid concerns: Social media […]

Stay Raw

This past Saturday I was at my gym on the elliptical machine thinking about October’s 12for12k campaign. I remembered  how I used to play Johnny Cash songs for mom whenever she was in the hospital. I suddenly started crying – in front of everyone. My mom seven years ago but sometimes it still feels so […]

Your homework assignment

With school having started, I thought it might be appropriate to give you a homework assignment. It’s an assignment that you’ll definitely learn something from – if you do it correctly. Ready? Ok, the purpose of assignment is to introduce you to three excellent, but very different blogs, and guide you along the process of […]

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