Content ISN’T King After All

No doubt you’ve heard the expression content is king. It’s been bantered around so often and for so long, that we’ve stopped questioning this core mantra of content marketing.

But it’s not really true. And it never was true. In fact, when the U. S. Government originally built the Internet, it was intended for the military. But one of the first forums was a place to debate about Star Trek.

Community is King

The real king is your community and the conversations they have about your organization and your content. Your content is literally NOTHING without their likes, comments, shares, retweets and pins.

Community is one of the the biggest factors that influence both reach and engagement on Facebook, Google, email, etc. Google and Facebook have both adjusted their algorithms to pick up community signals:

What now…

Where does all this leave you and your content? That’s up to the king – your community – to decide.

Maybe you’re their servant, and possibly an agent of the change they seek (probably both).

Either way your first job is to listen. Seek to be a useful, but humble, contributor to those conversations. Become a valued resource to the community.

For example, Mercy for Animals does an amazing job publishing blog posts that appeal to a variety of interests within the vegan community:

Content ISN'T King - Mercy for Animals

MFA is not pulling these topics out of thin air. They are listening to what’s trending among the community and adding value (visibility, discussions, tips, resources, etc) with their blog.

They are serving their community with content and it’s paying off with increased social and search traffic.

Their king and queen are the community.

What do you think?

John Haydon