5 Surprisingly Powerful Content Marketing Hacks for Facebook

If there’s one thing that frustrates Facebook Page managers, it’s when the content they publish fails to reach a significant number of fans supporters. Well, I have good news. It’s called “engaging content”!

Okay, so this might not sound like content marketing hacks for Facebook. But hold on, I’m not just talking about super compelling images, stories or videos. I am talking about a specific type of content:

Content your fans can’t stop themselves from sharing it with their friends.

[Tweet “For content to be successful on Facebook, your fans must want to be seen consuming and sharing it.”]

Your job as a Facebook content creator  is to provide your fans with content they can use to express themselves. The best helps people to show or say something about themselves to their friends.

1. Post Smile-Worthy Content

Post things that make Facebook fans smile. If you’re creating content for an organization with a serious mission, look for tasteful ways to inject humor. This will improve your engagement.

2. Be Inspiring

Look for content that inspires hope and positive emotions among your fans. Inspiring content does consistently well because Facebook users want inspiring content to be a part of their personal narrative.

3. Be a Source of Information

It’s known that one of the best ways to build a network on Facebook is to be the trusted source of information. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that the real magic lies in the fact that your fans want to be the trusted source of information to their friends, which leads them to share your content.

4. Post Images

Facebook is a visual platform where users love to engage with and share images. When your nonprofit is tied to this image, they are sharing your cause too!

5. Be Timely

Time and again we see that some of the highest-performing content is current events and issues that people are passionate about. Keep your eyes open for current and relevant content that relates to your cause.

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John Haydon