5 Content Marketing Ideas that Inspire Action (With Examples)

Are you posting social media content with half-hearted hopes of any reaction?

Or are you engaging fans and followers with meaningful asks? For example, if you are an animal shelter, are you asking people to adopt a pet?


As a general rule, asking people to take action will get you more results than if you don’t ask at all (duh).

But how do you inspire your supporters to act without sounding bossy or selfish?

  1. Understand that when supporters see your Facebook post, email newsletter, or donation page, they anticipate an ask. They expect you to ask them to share, join, support, give, etc. Their brains are hardwired with these expectations.
  2. Remember that, on some level, supporters are asking: “What am I supposed to do?” And if they’re passionate about your cause, they will want to do something.
  3. Remember that people support your cause for their reasons, not yours. So you have to make your ask about them, not your nonprofit.

Here are 5 content marketing ideas to inspire more action (with examples):

1. Join something bigger than you

One of the most powerful drivers of human behavior is our need to belong. We are hardwired to seek out and join groups that share our interests and goals.

The Bully Project asks followers to join an ever-growing community fights bullying:



2. Take a stand that matters

Does your cause fight injustice? If so, use that to galvanize your supporters around a specific issue.

The New York Times researched the top emotions associated with social sharing and found that righteous anger was numero uno!

Check out how the ASPCA hooks into their community’s sense of righteous anger / injustice:



3. Prove yourself with a challenge

Another way to inspire action is to ask supporters take on a challenge that connects them directly to the impact.

Check out how Project AWARE Foundation invites supporters to take the #MyOceanChallenge:


4. Strut your smarts

Who doesn’t like to show off their geeky knowledge?

Check out how the Museum of Fine Arts engages Facebook fans with regular quizzes about their exhibits:



5. Enter for a chance to win

Who doesn’t like to win stuff? Many nonprofits engage their supporters by leveraging giveaway items from their partners and sponsors.

Check out this example, also from the ASPCA:


What say you?

What examples of creative action calls have you seen? Post them in the comments below.




John Haydon