How CRM Software Catapults Your Fundraising to New Heights

The most common form of nonprofit software is CRM software (Constituent Relationship Management).

It’s not as sexy as social media software, but it’s a must-have for all successful nonprofits.

CRM software helps you organize your donor data and improve your communication strategies.

But what about fundraising? How does CRM software help you raise more money?

Let’s break it down:

Helpful CRM Software Features

Each CRM or donor database is different, but most have similar features. Let’s look at the most helpful features for fundraising.

1. Constituent Profiles

Detailed constituent profiles will help your organization organize all of your donors’ data. All the information you know about any given donor will be safely kept in their respective donor profile.

Donor profiles can include the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Age
  • Philanthropic interests
  • Preferred method of communication
  • Alma mater
  • Income/career
  • Marital/household status
  • Location
  • Real estate and stock ownership

You’ll even be able to link your donors’ social media profiles, too!

All of this information will help you get to know your donors better, so you can target different campaigns to the right segment.

2. Donor and Donation Tracking

In addition to your donor profiles, you can track your organization’s interactions with any particular donor.

Plus, you’ll be able to record your donors’ giving histories. With the knowledge of previous gifts dates and amounts, you’ll know exactly when to ask for donations from different donors.

You can even reach out to donors who haven’t donated in a while!

3. Donor Cultivation

Because you’ll know so much about your donors, you’ll know exactly who has the capacity and interest in becoming a major donor to your organization.

Most CRM software lets you to create workflows and set task reminders so that you never miss a key moment to interact with your prospects.

4. Direct Mail

Many donor databases help you organize direct mail strategies with mail merge tools. You can even create and adjust letter templates, which means that mailing out the perfect donation ask is just a click away!

5. Member Management

Membership is a method for an involved donor to receive updates first and have a say in upcoming projects or campaigns, basically a VIP option to being a donor. To be a member, a donor will have to pay their membership dues.

With time-triggered due reminders and targeted event messages, your donors will constantly have your organization at the front of their minds.

6. Reports and Analytics

Every CRM software solution provides reporting and analytics tools so you can can track your progress. Many offer customizable dashboards so you can measure the metrics that are most important to your performance.

This feature is incredibly important and helpful as it will help your nonprofit determine where you excel and where you fall short.

Fundraising Strategies with CRM Software

Fundraising CRM software is easier because so much of the hard work, like donor stewardship, general donor knowledge, etc., is already organized for you!

1. Campaigns

Because your CRM solution is focused on your donors, it’s the perfect tool for building campaigns!

Think about it: this software hosts all your important donor data in one, easy-to-navigate location. This data is at your fingertips 24/7 so you’ll know everything you need about any donor at any point in time.

You can use their preferences to cultivate the perfect outreach strategy and invite them to your upcoming fundraising event that was planned with your donors’ interests in mind.

2. Donations

Be sure to choose CRM software that integrates with your fundraising software. If you do, you’ll be able to use them both to their greatest potential!

Create mobile-friendly online donation forms for the constituents who’d like to give to your organization at any point in time from anywhere around the world. When a donor fills out this form, the data collected, like name, email address, and phone number, will instantly be entered into your database.

While that’s not a lot of information about your new donor, it’s enough to start a profile. From there, you can reach out to your supporter and fill in the other fields in the constituent profile.

Check out BidPal’s 17 Phenomenal Fundraising Event Ideas to pick a concept that will appeal to your donors to encourage more donations!

3. Donor Communication and Stewardship

Because you’re storing unlimited amounts of knowledge about your supporters in your database, you can create a 360-degree image of each constituent.

You can leverage this donor data for upcoming campaigns, events, and other opportunities by targeting your donors with information you know they’ll appreciate because you’ve checked their philanthropic and general interests listed under their constituent record.

This strategic outreach will prove to donors that you value their engagement and support of your organization. It’s the little things that show you’re really taking the time to get to know each of your donors, instead of just sending out blanket fundraising appeals hoping to suck the loose change from their pockets.

4. Major Giving

Donor cultivation tools in your CRM can help you with identify and cultivate major gift prospects.

You can track meetings and engagements with major gift prospects to make sure your donors have positive experiences with your organization. Plus, if your cultivation strategy isn’t working as planned, you can look at your CRM analytics and figure out what’s wrong.

You can even check a donor’s giving history to predict when they’ll be likely to give again!

5. Prospect Research

If your CRM integrates with your prospect research software, you’ll be in business! The more data you have, the easier you’ll be able to identify major donor prospects.

You can use powerful prospect research tools in conjunction with your CRM’s features to track the right donors and craft cultivation strategies.

What next?

Fundraising with CRM software simplifies your fundraising strategies, making goals more attainable and donor stewardship easier.

If you started reading this article thinking your organization didn’t need a CRM solution, at least now you know you do!

John Haydon