What To Do With Someone’s Attention Once You Have It

Have you ever noticed the various items for sale at the grocery store checkout line? Candy bars, sugarless gum and Star magazine.

You’d rarely make a special trip for these items, but there they are. And you buy them because you never know when you’ll have low blood sugar, smelly breath or have to duke it out with Jersey housewives.

All of these items are there because the retailer knows they have your attention at an extremely critical moment:

You are about to give them money

You’re in the checkout line. They know that this moment is very rare, so they make every effort to take as much of your money as possible. Every last dime.

The point here is that they’ve recognized (and capitalized) these critical moments of attention, and so can you.

10 Moments When Someone Has Your Nonprofit On Their Mind

So what are the critical moments of attention for your nonprofit?

Here are ten “twofers” for you to consider:

  1. When someone joins an email list. Ask them to tell their friends to subscribe as well!
  2. When someone likes your Facebook Page. Give them an eBook that they can download.
  3. When someone donates for the first time. Have them share why they donated with their friends.
  4. When a current donor donates again. Email them with a few special discounts from your cause partners.
  5. When they sign your petition. Encourage them to donate.
  6. When they come to an event. Encourage them to become a monthly donor.
  7. When they open your email. Be clear in the message what you want them to do!
  8. When they click on links in that email. Add them to your “link clicker” list.
  9. When they download a free eBook. Encourage them with a CTA on the last page.
  10. When they start a fundraising page. Call them on the phone and sing a song for them!

Like the impulse buy, supporters are usually very willing to do something else while you have their attention.

Yes, they might do it next week if you begged them, but they’ll be very likely to do it now while you’re on their mind.

How are you making the most of people’s attention?

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John Haydon