Simple Donation Page Tips for Giving Tuesday and Year-End Fundraising

According to the last few years of giving trends, most of your supporters will give between Thanksgiving and December 31st.

You might see these same trends in your own donor database.

To take advantage of this crucial time, many nonprofits are reviewing and tweaking their donation pages.

Here are a few donation page tips to help improve your donation pages and increase the likelihood that visitors will give:

1. Put it on your website

Sending people off to PayPal to make a donation makes your nonprofit look like an amature. Keeping them on your website makes your nonprofit seem more legitimate and trustworthy.

Check out the donation page for Pencils of Promise:

pencils of promise

POP uses Classy, but most donation software has tools to keep donors on your website before, during, and after the donation.

2. Make it mobile

Make sure that the donation page is mobile friendly. More and more people are going to be accessing the donation page than ever before from a mobile device.

Nuff said.

3. Tell a story that packs an emotional punch

People will make give primarily based on their emotional reaction to the story you tell on your donation page. Hook them in the feels and invite them to be part of the story. And tell that story across all channels.

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4. Talk less. Show more.

People are busy, so you’ve got to hit ’em in the feels and get right to the point.

Don’t use jargon or big words on your donation page. Cut the word count on your first draft by 50%.  Write like you’re talking to your favorite donor. In fact, that’s a pretty powerful call to action.

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5. Connect the donor to the impact with your ask

People who visit Conservation International’s donation page are interested in protecting the environment. Their donation page connects the dots between cause and effect, gift and impact, with “Donate to Protect The Planet“.

protect the planet

Remove your nonprofit from the ask. Instead connect giving to the impact.

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6. Make it urgent

When people visit your donation page, of course they see an amazing story and a clear call-to-action, but have you answered this important question: Why now?

Check out how Moms Clean Air Force uses a match to create a sense of urgency (below).

Moms Clean Air Force

A donor’s gift will be matched, but only for a limited time. Do it now, or lose out.

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7. Get found on Google

During the giving season, many people search Google for charities to support. How does your nonprofit currently rank?

Make sure the donation page is optimized for search, like in this example from Puppies Behind Bars.

google ranking donation pages

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John Haydon