Does Your Donor Communication Tell Donors What’s Next?

One of the biggest mistakes with donor communication is assuming your job is done after the fundraising transaction is complete. But after that first gift, most donors move on with their busy lives.

Chances are, they won’t remember your nonprofit if you don’t stay in touch. And if they don’t remember you, good luck retaining them!

What’s Next?

A simple way to set the tone for an ongoing relationship is to consistently answer this question. It’s your job to set expectations and tell donors what’s next at each step in the relationship.

For example:

  • What about inviting new donors to share of your most popular blog posts?
  • What about asking new donors to invite their friends? Direct appeals among friends often have the highest conversion rates.
  • What about asking event registrants to follow you on Instagram?
  • What about asking petition signers to share pics with a campaign hashtag?
  • What about asking new donors to watch a YouTube video with the deeper story?
  • And what about people who attended that recent event? What’s next for them?

The more your donor communication sets expectations and builds anticipation, the more likely supporters will stay with you for the long journey.

Don’t drop the ball anymore. It costs too much money.

John Haydon