5 Ways to Make Your Email Newsletter Pop on Mobile

More and more of your subscribers view your email newsletter on a mobile device. Is your newsletter readable on mobile?

And according to one study, they’ll delete your newsletter if it can’t be easily read.

Creating an Email Newsletter that Pops on Mobile

So how do you make your newsletter design stand out on iPhones and Androids? Here are 5 tweaks to drive more email newsletter engagement on mobile:

1. Let your brand drive the color scheme

If the colors in your email newsletter don’t match your logo and branding, it could throw off readers.

What’s that? Your newsletter doesn’t match your website?

No problem! The easiest solution is to create a branded email header at the top of your newsletter. Add a single image across the top (like in the example below) or edit your newsletter’s CSS style sheet.

2. Stack content blocks vertically

More and more of your subscribers are reading your newsletter on mobile devices. They’re comfortable scrolling through messages, from top to bottom, with a thumb or forefinger.


Get rid of the fancy multi-column template. Instead, use a template that stacks your content vertically, from top to bottom. Like the example above from Grist, this will make your email newsletter much more scannable, and much more consumable.

Finally, before you hit send, view a test message on your smartphone.

3. Don’t use fancy fonts

A good font never detracts from the written word. Stick with the classics: Helvetica, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc. These fonts are the easiest to read in browsers, tablets and smartphones. A font size of 16-20 point is recommended.

4. Highlight action calls

People on your email list are past the honeymoon phase. They’ve donated, volunteered, signed your petition, or joined your email list.

They want to know what else they can do. Your job is to tell them.


Whether it’s making a donation or simply watching a video, your email should highlight specific actions subscribers can take to get more involved.

5. Let subscribers view your newsletter in a browser

Sometimes a mobile email app won’t display an email correctly. Whether it’s the app, the lack of bandwidth, or some other issue, make sure subscribers have the option of viewing your messages in a mobile browser.

John Haydon