5 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes You Can Fix With This Checklist

If you’ve used Facebook ads before, you’ve probably kicked yourself at some pointing for spending more than you wanted for lackluster results.

It’s hard to keep track of everything you need to do to get the most from Facebook ads. From selecting the right audience to picking the best post to boost, there many ways to increase ROI for your Facebook ads.

Here are five costly Facebook ad mistakes to avoid:

Facebook Ad Mistake #1: Boosting Crappy Content

You are certainly free to Boost any of your posts. But that doesn’t mean you should.

Regardless of how you reach new audiences,  your goal is always the same:  To make the best possible first impression.

Boosting only the best posts from your page means that you’ll get a higher rate of engagement – along with the reach you bought from Facebook.

Facebook Ad Mistake #2: Targeting Everyone With a Heartbeat

The idea that “bigger is better” might work in some situations, but not with Facebook ads.

If you target too broadly, you increase the likelihood the people mark your ad as unwanted or spam. Plus, the percent of people who engage or click will be low, which puts your ROI in the garbage.

Instead, target people who are highly relevant (existing fans, email subscribers, website visitors).

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Facebook Ad Mistake #3: Sending Visitors to a Crappy Landing Page

If you send clickers to a poorly designed landing page, all your efforts to create awesome Facebook ads will be in vain. Ultimately, you want your ad campaign to convert more new donors, more volunteers, and more supporters.

Make sure that your landing page content (images, copy, call to action) is reflected and supported in your Facebook ads.

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Facebook Ad Mistake #4: Not Retargeting Website Visitors

Believe it or not, you can target people who’ve recently visited your website!

For example people who recently visited a volunteer sign-up form could see a Facebook ad about volunteering. Regardless of who they are, website visitors are not only highly relevant, but they are timely (recently visited your website).

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Facebook Ad Mistake #5: Getting too Obsessed with Likes

By now most marketers have learned that getting fans is not enough. You want engaged fans.

Buying Facebook ads to get more fans is totally worth it, as long as you’re targeting quality Facebook users.

Two sources of top quality Facebook fans:

  • People who visit your website – As mentioned above, you can target people who recently visited your website. Again, this is a highly relevant audience!
  • Donors, Volunteers and Subscribers – You can also target specific email segments (donors, subscribers, volunteers).

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What about you?

Have you tried these tips? Do you have a tip to share? Post it in a comment below.

John Haydon