A Facebook Donate Button for The News Feed That Might Actually Work!

Facebook is testing a new fundraising app that just might make giving as “social” as liking, commenting, and sharing.

Called “Fundraisers”, the app will include a set of fundraising features for charities and nonprofits:

  • Share fundraising campaigns with Page followers
  • Use photos and video to tell fundraising stories
  • Track progress toward a campaign or project
  • Update supporters when fundraising goals are achieved
  • Customize donation amounts
  • Get donations via credit card or PayPal

But this isn’t the first time Facebook has dabbled with fundraising features:

Facebook Donate Button for Ebola

A Donate Button for the News Feed

Fundraisers puts the donate buttons where it matters – in the News Feed! This lets people donate directly from their news feeds instead of having to visit the Page (which rarely happens).

Below is a fundraiser for the Syrian Refugee Crisis that allows users to choose a specific donation amount. According to Facebook, users will be able to donate and share fundraisers in just a few taps.


And here’s a video demo of the donor experience:

Fundraiser is being tested with Mercy Corps, World Wildlife Fund, and 35 other nonprofits in the U.S. and will expand that list soon. You can sign up to get news about the rollout.

John Haydon