Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Prioritizes Posts From People Over Posts from Pages

That’s right, Facebook updated their Newsfeed algorithm again. And this time, the update could hurt your Page reach and referral traffic.

There are three updates to the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm:

1. Filling quiet news feeds with more content

Previously, the Newsfeed wouldn’t distribute multiple posts in a row from the same source (people, people, groups). But Facebook is now “relaxing” that rule if users run out of content in their News Feed.

2. Prioritizing important updates from close friends

Facebook “heard from users” that they don’t want to miss important updates from close friends. So now, posts from friends you interact with the most will rank higher in your News Feed.

3. Dialing down boring posts

Part of the Newsfeed’s job is to weed out content that isn’t that useful or compelling. So now, news such as liking or commenting on posts will appear lower in the News Feed.

How will this impact your Facebook Page?

According to Facebook, the News Feed tweak will impact each Facebook Page differently. Post reach and referral traffic could decline in some cases.

Three ways to tweak your content strategy

So what should you do with your Facebook page? Here are three recommendations:

  1. Focus on publishing quality Facebook Page updates. Continue posting content that’s relevant to your audience. Focus on quality (relevance between post and audience) over quantity (frequency of posts). Track reach and engagement for these posts over the next two weeks.
  2. Make it easier to share your website content. If you publish content on your website, make sharing easier with Facebook like buttons. People are more likely to share your content if they can do it with a single mouse click.
  3. Rally your troops. Once you have great content that’s easy to share, tell your people to share it! Regularly include links to your blog posts in your weekly or monthly email newsletter. Post those links on your Facebook Page as well.

What do you think?

How have you tweaked your strategy to deal with Facebook’s latest News Feed tweak?

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John Haydon