Using Facebook to Promote Year-End Fundraising (Webinar)

With less than 35 days to go before year-end, you’ve no doubt created a year-end donation page, drafted email messages, and sent your direct mail piece to the printer .

But what about Facebook? How can you use Facebook to help improve your overall year-end fundraising results?

On December 11 at 1pm, Foundation Center is hosting a paid webinar ($69) called Using Facebook to Amplify Year-End Fundraising, where I show you how to use Facebook to amplify your year-end appeal.

I know, it’s not free. But it will be well worth the investment – especially if you’re looking to improve how you use Facebook with your fundraising strategy.

Here’s a brief summary of the course details:

Using Facebook to Amplify Year-End Fundraising

More and more of your supporters are spending time on Facebook and using it to connect with friends. This webinar will teach you exactly how to integrate Facebook into your existing fundraising strategy to get more results across all channels – e-mail, your website, and, yes, even direct mail.

  • Using Facebook to engage your community before asking for money
  • How to ”wake up” your community with News Feed mini-campaigns
  • Refining your content strategy with Facebook Insights
  • Using Facebook ad retargeting to increase website conversions
  • Reaching lapsed donors with targeted Facebook ad campaigns
  • Getting your current donors to tell their friends about your year-end campaign

By the way, we’re designing the course material specifically for year and this year. You will learn lots of tactics you can use in the last three weeks of the year.

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John Haydon