Should You Fire Your Designer and Just Use Canva?

Graphic designers get paid for their design expertise. The best ones understand how design influences emotions and motivates action.

But you don’t need a graphic designer to resize a photo for a Facebook post. You don’t need a graphic designer to create inspirational quotes for Instagram. You can use Canva.

Canvas solves three problems for content marketers:

  1. Creating images that are the right pixel size. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter each have their optimal size, and it’s difficult for marketers to stay current with the constant changes to social media images sizes.
  2. Creating lots of images quickly. The other problem is the dramatic increase in how often you need to create images. Especially when your cause is mentioned in the news, or when there’s a trending topic you’d like to piggyback. Your ability to capture attention increases if you can quickly post images that stand out.
  3. The cost of creating social media images. You would go broke if you had to hire a graphic designer to create every single image post for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Flat broke.

Canvas solves these problems with templates that are right dimensions for each social media platform, access to royalty-free images, and tools to add text and graphic elements.

So should you fire your designer?

The short answer is no.

A good designer will help you make your website beautiful, make your logo stand out, and make your annual report pop.

A website can’t do that.

What do you think?

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