Five Ways To Make Your Website Content More Awesome

Your website is your primary marketing machine on the internet. It’s the headwaters people go to when they want to swim upstream to find out what you’re really about.

It’s also the place where you convert email subscribers, donors and volunteers. This is why your content has to be awesome!

Following are five things you can start doing today to make Your website content more remarkable.

1. Tell Meaningful Stories

Have you ever wondered why getting people to volunteer and donate seems so difficult?

It’s not that the economy sucks or that your cause is unsexy. It’s about telling a story that moves people. And motion requires emotion.

Creating emotional stories is easier when you keep these tips in mind:

2. Use Second Person Narrative

Use second person narrative to speak more directly to your reader. The internet is a very solitary medium where individuals – not groups – read content. Rewrite your copy as if you’re writing a personal email to one of your constituents. This is also where Personas will come in handy.

Read more about second person narrative here.

3. Use Large Images

Images are steroids for your webpages. They speak the language of the subconscious and keep people interested in what you have to say. Along with video, images are ultimately what cause people to act.

Another thing about images: Awesome images on each of your webpages is more important than ever with the emergence of Pinterest. And if they’re awesome, they’ll get pinned and repined. And the more repins, the more traffic you’ll get to that webpage!

4. Edit Your Title Tags

Awesome website content gets found more often on Google. Help yours get found more by making sure your title tags are optimized for search.

An effective title tag is one that encourages people to click on it once it does show up on the first page of a SERP. Learn more about the nitty gritty of editing your title tags here.

5. Use Bigger Fonts

A Study conducted by Stamford University revealed that font size influences the credibility of a website. And when you think about it, it kinda makes sense. I mean, who trusts fine print? 16 is the new 14.

Go forth and be fruitful

These are tactics that you can do right now! Yup – you can stop reading this and start making your website more awesome today.

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John Haydon