Four Facebook Metrics Most ROI Calculators Are Missing

Most Social Media ROI calculators include factors for investments and gains, but not many include factors for loss.

This means that any “collateral damage” of your campaign might often be overlooked.

A quick example:

Imagine you have a fundraising campaign which includes a Facebook component. A partner gives you $2,000 towards Facebook ads. After the campaign is done you walk away with $100,000 in donations from these ads.

But you also pissed off hundreds of people.

Success in this example might initially appear obvious, but without considering negative comments received during the campaign, a true ROI calculation can’t be made.

What are the loss metrics in Facebook?

How important are negative comments in your Facebook ROI

Facebook has four data points that show you how people negatively reacted to your post:

  • Hiding your post
  • Hiding all posts from your Page
  • Reporting your post as spam
  • Unliking your Page

Why does this matter?

You might be asking yourself why this matters within the scope of growing your community and raising money? Negative feedback shows you how you are hurting the growth of your community (if at all). It also helps you fine-tune your content strategy with a more holistic understanding of your fanbase.

What do you think?

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John Haydon