Four-point social media website check

Your constituents want to connect with you. They also want to connect with each other.

You can help them in two ways:

  1. Let them connect with you on their terms – Let them self-identify by giving them all choices.
  2. Take away as many barriers as possible – Don’t make them search for your org on Facebook when they can just like your Page from a LikeBox.

Here’s a four-point “tune-up” that you can easily perform on your website:

1. Check the Sidebar

Listing social media sites in the sidebar is a common practice. Most blog themes make it easy to include those links with images. You can also create linked images with HTML.

2. Check the Navigation Bar

Another option is to create sub pages within your navigation bar. Simply modify those navigation links so that they forward to your social media sites.

3. Check above the Header

This an option that makes sense because it follows the “F” pattern people use when view web pages.

4. Check Pages and Posts

Whenever you mention a social media site within a blog post, link to your profile. You should also be doing this in your About Page and other pages where people might expect to connect with you.

Don’t include links to social media on Pages that have a specific call to action.

What other points would you add?

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John Haydon