Get More Repeat Donors: Do You Have Systems to Convert More New Donors?

With tremendous effort, you nailed your year-end campaign.

You segmented your letter to eight different audiences. You hand-addressed the envelopes to your major donors.

And you even made follow up phone calls to potential donors.

In short, you put your blood, sweat and tears into that year-end campaign.

We all know it. Fundraising can be a never-ending treadmill.

But wouldn’t you hate to think that all your efforts were in vain?

Our sector’s average donor retention rate stands at a lousy 46%. Did you also know that, for first-time donors, we’re only seeing a retention rate of 23%??? And attrition is even higher for new donors acquired online, with some citing an 18% retention rate.

Donor Retention Buckets - Get More Repeat Donors

There’s more. If you put all your eggs in the #GivingTuesday basket, nearly 70% of all #GivingTuesday donations were from new donors.

Donor retention, donor loyalty, donor love… this is what leads to your monthly donors, your major donors, your bequest donors, your capital campaign donors…

In short, your organization’s sustainable funding.

What systems do YOU have in place to turn that new donor into a repeat donor?

Your systems form the core of your organization’s fundraising.

Good systems are repeatable. An example might be your donor’s print or email newsletter. After testing and tweaking, you arrive at a formula that produces an effective communications piece.

Good systems can be measured. When you send out your lapsed donor appeal, you can measure it. When you share stories on your organization’s Facebook page, you can measure interest.

And you can adjust and tweak your systems for the best results.

But the number one thing that the best fundraising systems have is their donor – front and center of their fundraising efforts.

Getting back to your new donors

What happens after a donor stumbles onto your website and makes the decision to make a gift? Whether it’s a $20 or a $200 gift, you need to have your processes in place.

Download the New Donor Timeline

This handy little guide to designing your own new donor systems comes complete with examples. From writing the perfect thank you letter, to getting to know your new donor, to showing the impact of the donor’s gift, and more, it’s a roadmap — condensed and ultra convenient.

No optin required. Click here to download the PDF.

John Haydon