How to Get Your Nonprofit Board On Board With Social Media

Are your board members still doubting social media? Do they fail to “get it”, even though you’ve built a thriving community on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?

Well, take it from me, you’re not alone.

But don’t fret. Remember, board members are just like you.

Board members want the organization to have a bigger impact. But they want to proceed carefully and you want to dive right in. You’re both on the same side.

So love your naysayers! And instead of sticking a pencil in your eye, try these tips for getting more nonprofit board support for social media:

1. Build your case

Use LinkedIn to research board members. Learn about their professional experiences, and what might be important to them.

Don’t talk about cool Twitter tools or how awesome Snapchat is.

Instead, talk about how social media can help increase awareness and donor engagement.

2. Seek permission for a pilot

Some board members are risk averse. You know who they are.If this is the case, try presenting a pilot campaign that’s focused on low-hanging fruit (achievable objectives) you’ve already identified.

If this is the case, try presenting a pilot campaign that’s focused on low-hanging fruit (achievable objectives) you’ve already identified.

Once the pilot has been a success, leverage that achievement for greater buy-in.For example, if you can prove that

For example, if you can prove that smarter content marketing made the difference, get more resources (systems, money, time) for content marketing.

3. Focus on their objectives, not yours

Lowering your website bounce rate is not an objective board members will care about, or even understand.

Speak in terms of organizational objectives, like increasing donor retention and volunteer satisfaction.

4. Talk about your peers

An easy way to sway board members is to talk about the “competition”—organizations just like yours who are embracing social media in creative and powerful new ways.

Choose examples of recent campaigns, focusing on key takeaways that might apply to your next campaign.

5. Keep it simple

Powerpoint, less than 10 slides is perfect. AgoraPulse has a feature that turns Facebook Insights data into beautiful PPT presentations.

The key is to tell a story that board members can get behind.

Don’t give up

You are smart and you are forward thinking. Give yourself credit, and don’t give up!

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