Must Have GivingTuesday Apps – Recommended by the Pros

If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning to participate in GivingTuesday this year. You’ve selected a fundraising platform and created a plan to rally your community.

But what about “must have” GivingTuesday apps?

I asked my nonprofit friends what their favorite GivingTuesday app was, and got back these excellent tips:

Must Have Apps for #GivingTuesday – Recommended by the Pros:

  • Julia Campbell: I love the app Over, so you can add text updates and calls to action quickly to photos and visuals from your phone.
  • Joe Waters: I would get your team on Trello. It’s a great way to manage your plans for #GivingTuesday from your phone, tablet or laptop. You can invite members to the app, schedule to-dos, make and complete checklists, and attach links, photos and anything else you might need to have a successful day!
  • Caroline Avakian: I like Hashtracking or Keyhole as a way to track the #GivingTuesday hashtag and to keep up with the #GivingTuesday community. You can also find campaign leaders and organizers posting great tips and resources for the campaign.
  • Beth Kanter: Mention – You need to be on top of conversations!
  • Drew BernardWhy ActionSprout of course. Check out the JVP fundraising on FB case study!
  • Sue Anne Reed: Thunderclap. #NoKidHungry used Thunderclap last year for GivingTuesday brilliantly!
  • Allyson Kapin: My number one go to source is the human brain – there is no better analytic tool to gauge the sentiment of how your supporters feel about you during GivingTuesday – especially as it has gained popularity and every nonprofit is begging their donors pick me, pick me.
  • Jereme Bivins: Email is still the best way to drum up donations — one-to-many and one-to-one. Email providers like MailChimp make blasts much easier to manage since you can segment by geography, response (open or action), interest, and more. For personal campaigns, nothing beats making a list of people to ask (with amounts) and then pounding the virtual pavement asking them directly (one-to-one asks are much more difficult to turn down).
  • Ritu Sharma: The best social media and fundraising app is a quality good old fashioned editorial calendar that allows you to plan your activities in advance and collaborate with your volunteer social media evangelist committee to amplify your nonprofit’s efforts. Once you are on top of that, I recommend using tools like Canva, Over, Hootsuite and more to execute on the plan created. For creating the calendar, I recommend Google Cal, so you can easily share with collaborators and create reminders and for managing everyone and the process, I recommend Trello.
  • Jenna Sauber: Your community is your best resource. If you have committees or P2P fundraising captains, etc, those are your goto folks for spreading the word, sharing stories, and bringing in donations.

So there you have at it!

What’s your favoriteapp for 24-hour giving campaigns? What’s the benefit?

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John Haydon