How are you harvesting inspiration?

We don’t need any more blog posts about social media time management.

And this post isn’t about that.

What’s missing from most time management models

The conventional approach to time management slices up minutes into little buckets you can more easily manage.

But what’s missing from this approach is YOU. How do you feel about the tasks that need to get done? Are you inspired? Bored?

Now if your taking out the trash or balancing a checkbook, being inspired might not have a huge impact on whether the task gets done. But we’re talking about¬†engaging¬†your community. You kinda have to be inspired, no?

Capturing moments of inspiration

There are two things you won’t see on most calendars:

  • 2:00PM: Get Inspired
  • 3:00PM: Have sex with spouse (I said most…)

If you’re like me, you find inspiration hitting you at odd moments throughout the day. And yes, it’s like sex because you kinda have to feel something before doing the nasty.

You’ll be taking a shower or going for a walk and suddenly you’ll get an idea for a blog post, or a Facebook Page update, or some other creative idea.

Capture these! Keep a notepad, an iPhone or whatever you need to capture these snippets. I use Dragon Dictation, an index card I keep in my pocket, and Evernote as my tools.

Moments vs. minutes

When you make it a practice of capturing moments of inspiration, you’ll no longer be bound by the rules of time management. Instead, you’ll harvest more YOU from the moments you do feel inspired!

How do you harvest your inspiration?

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John Haydon