How to create awesome email pop-ups with Pippity

If you’re like me, you absolutely hate pop-ups. They usually appear before you’ve experienced a site’s content or even when you’re still reading i!.

A WordPress plugin called Pippity solves these issues by giving you control over when a pop-up will appear.

Five reasons I’ve started using Pippity

I started using it on this blog this past week and am impressed. Not only have I a been able to be more strategic with email acquisition, I’m able to create beautiful pop-ups that don’t offend people (I’m still tweaking as you read this).

A few reasons why I think Pippity is awesome:

  1. Integrate with many email services including Aweber, Madmimi, MailChimp, Constant Contact, 1ShoppingCart, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, Graphic Mail and iContact.
  2. Pippity allows you to do A/B testing of different popups. This allows you to see which messaging and design converts more subscribers. For example, I’m currently testing two popups (same messaging but one has an image). Plus, the reports are right in your WordPress dashboard, which means you don’t have to go to another website to see how well your email acquisition strategy is working.
  3. It includes a set of 18 different themes that you configure to match your website. Once you select a theme, you can change the button colors, bullet-point colors, text colors, font types, and font sizes. You can also include a custom image, like I have in this pop-up.
  4. Pippity is a project from my good friends (Grant and Clay) over at Headway. For me, this is important – simply because I trust them. Plus Pippity proves that Clay has not let Headway’s success wither his neurons.
  5. Completely control how popups behavebased on your particular email acquisition strategy.For example, I have a feature box at the top of all posts that has been extremely effective. But, I’m using Pippity as an additional way to acquire new subscribers by showing the popup only once every 15 days, and only after three page views during a visit. You can also set the popup to display only when a reader has reached the end of a post. And again, the great thing is that you can test all of these combinations.

How to get Pippity at 25% off

I’m not at all saying that Pippity is for everyone. But if you think it’s for you, why not get 25% off?

Because Grant thinks I’m a nice guy, he gave me a 25% discount for the first 37 people that purchase Pippity through this blog post [CLICK HERE (aff link) and enter “haydon25” for the discount code].

Questions? Check out the FAQ or comment below

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John Haydon