How to Get More Board Support for Your Annual Appeal

If you think it’s too late to get your board involved in your year-end appeal, think again.

Board members often just need a little training and a little guidance to bring your year-end fundraising appeal to the next level.

Here are three tips to get more from your board members during your annual appeal:

1. Give Your Board a Purpose

Let board members know their role in the process of fundraising as well as how fundraising fits the mission. Give them the good stories to tell.

It’s not about an ask. It’s about a conversation.

2. Get Your Board Ready

Need to conduct a focused training, especially for face to face encounters. And it’s good to recruit other passionate volunteers beyond the board to train and help.

There’s still time to make a few key contacts, especially if board members have personal connections.

3. Get Personal

It’s about the personal touches. The personalized thank you notes. These can all be board tasks.

How to Get More Board Support for Your Annual Appeal (Recording):

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John Haydon