How to Leverage Social Media to Tap into Corporate Giving Programs

Is your nonprofit strategically marketing corporate giving programs to your donors and volunteers? If not, you could be leaving thousands, if not millions of dollars on the table from corporate employee giving programs like matching gifts and volunteer grants.

There are tons of methods to market these programs, but we all know how much “the game” has changed with the simplicity and accessibility of social media.

Using Social Media to Market Corporate Giving Programs

Two of the biggest benefits of using social media to market to your constituents are 1) how personalized the message can be, and 2) how having a small budget doesn’t mean your organization gets left behind.

Promote Matching Gift & Volunteer Grant Programs to Followers

Most individuals who follow you on social media platforms have already taken the step to do even a little bit of research on your organization and the cause you’re supporting.

Leverage social media to educate your followers on the benefits that corporate giving programs can have specifically on your mission. Tying together the fundraising efforts and the promoted cause is vital.

Make your content shareable and educational

Not all social media posts need to be dedicated to bringing in more funds. Constituents like to see what kind of programs your organization is using to further your mission. When users share posts you publish, your content becomes available to a completely new network of people – people you may not have been able to reach before.

Be creative and make posts interactive! Sometimes, simply by asking someone to “Share this post if you support [your organization’s mission]!”, you can gain new followers (and at the very least, new eyes).

Use this same kind of mentality when posting information about corporate giving programs. Educate your followers to the benefits of matching gift programs.

For example, “Did you know that Microsoft, Verizon, Bank of America, and other corporations contributed $54,000 to our organization last year exclusively through matching gifts? Share this post if you want to thank them for being so socially responsible! Does your employer offer a matching gift program, too? Check with them to see if your donation can be matched!”

Increase engagement

Did you know that your posts through Facebook might not actually be showing up on your followers’ news feeds? Oftentimes, if a user doesn’t show interest in your organization’s Facebook page or posts, Facebook will “hide” your updates so as not to overwhelm the user with “uninteresting” information.

Make your posts engaging and interesting to encourage interactions with your followers. The more often an individual likes or shares information you post, the more often your information will show up on their newsfeed.

As mentioned above, sometimes increasing engagement is as easy as asking a question. “We love our volunteers! Your time means the world to us, and sometimes it means the world to your employers, too! Do you work for a company that provides volunteer grants to employees who donate their time to eligible nonprofits? Check with your company to see what kind of corporate giving programs they participate in!”

Including links provide an opportunity for your constituents to click, thus increasing the engagement level with your content. It is also recommended that organizations interact with individuals who comment on social media posts. The personal touch will help build a relationship and connection with these users, increasing the likelihood of future interactions via social media!

Examples of Posts with Effective Language

There’s a difference between the types of posts you publish on Facebook, and those you publish on Twitter. Why? Not only are you limited in the number of characters on Twitter, but the audiences on both platforms may not overlap completely.

Examples of Twitter Posts:

  1. Did you know your gift may be doubled, tripled, & even quadrupled? Check with your employer to see if they offer matching gift programs!
  2. Did you donate to us in 2013? There’s still time to submit a matching gift request from your employer!
  3. Last year, we raised $XX from corporate giving programs – help us make 2014 an even better year!
  4. Did you know that thousands of companies offer matching gift opportunities? Check to see if your employer does!
  5. It takes just a few minutes to submit corporate employee matching gift forms. Have you submitted yours yet?

Examples of Facebook Posts:

  1. We sincerely appreciate all donations to [organization’s name]! Did you know that your generosity has the potential to be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled? Check to see if your employer offers a matching gift program!
  2. A huge thank you to all of our donors and volunteers, and a double thanks to those who submit matching fund and volunteer grant requests from their employers! Does your employer offer corporate giving programs like these? Check today!
  3. Help us [organization’s mission]! Ask your employer if they match donations to eligible nonprofits, or check if they offer volunteer grants to employees who donate their time to us!

In all of the above messages you can direct your supporters to a page on your website which includes a list of matching gift companies or a searchable database of company specific information.

Using Social Media to Thank & Strengthen Corporate Relationships

If there is one or a few corporations in particular that really stand out in the field of corporate giving programs (especially in connection with your organization), then it’s important that you take advantage of social media outlets to show your thanks!

When corporations can see how big of an impact they are having on the work you do (and of course, when they can see free publicity), it increases the chances that they continue to include you in charitable giving campaigns, whether through matching gifts, volunteer grants, and even other forms of sponsorships.

And don’t forget to spread the word on any partnerships your organization may have with local corporations.


Adam Weinger is the President of Double the Donation, which provides tools and services to nonprofits to help them increase the amount of money they’re raising from employee matching gift and volunteer grant programs.

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