How to View Facebook Video Metrics in Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights displays video metrics for videos that you post to your page.

You can see which videos are getting the most views and how long people watch each video. You can also see metrics for videos you share from another Facebook page.

To access Facebook video metrics, click Insights at the top of your Facebook Page and navigate to the Videos tab.

The Video Views graph shows you the number of times people viewed videos for longer than 3 seconds (as shown below). The graph shows organic and paid views, unique versus repeat views, and even auto-plays versus click-to-plays.

facebook insights video views

The 30-Second Views graph shows you the number of times people viewed videos for longer than 30 seconds (as shown below).

30-second views

The Top Videos section lets you see detailed metrics for views, engagement and even audience retention (as shown below).

audience retention

Three takeaways for using Facebook Video Metrics

So how are you supposed to use these metrics? Here’s food for thought:

  1. Create more engaging videos: The most useful data is in the audience retention graph. It shows you exactly when your audience starts losing interest. For example, the graph above shows that over 60% of the viewers stop watching after the first 60 seconds!
  2. Measure curated videos: If you like most nonprofits, you’re extremely busy. We simply don’t have the time to create and publish more videos for Facebook. Instead, share the best videos from Pages your fans like. Then use Insights to compare curated versus created videos.
  3. Track website hits: When you upload a video to your Facebook Page, you can include a call-to-action to visit your website. Insights won’t show you the number of people visiting your website, so make sure you’re segmenting these visitors with Google Analytics.
John Haydon