7 Strategies to Increase Facebook Organic Reach [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you manage a Facebook Page for your nonprofit, you’re no doubt painfully aware that Facebook organic reach has plummeted over the past two years.

Organic reach has declined for two reasons:

  1. The number of business pages competing for fans’ attention has skyrocketed.
  2. Facebook makes money solely from advertizing. Pages now have to pay to play.

An infographic from QuickSprout digs into the workings of the newsfeed algorithm in a very easy to understand way.

According to the infographic, the newsfeed is impacted by 7 main factors:


  1. Post types (photos, text, videos)
  2. Which posts are user hi reports as spam
  3. A user’s interaction with Facebook ads
  4. A user’s device and Internet speed
  5. Affinity – How much the user interacts with your pages posts
  6. Weight – The prevalence and distribution of likes, comments, and shares for a Page post.
  7. Decay – because engagement naturally fades over time, your post will get less reach
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The QuickSprout infographic also outlines seven strategies for increasing Facebook organic reach:

7 Strategies to Increase Facebook Organic Reach [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Focus on metrics that matter: Engagement and websites traffic are more meaningful metrics than reach
  2. Be open: Show fans the people inside your nonprofit. Openness and disclosure is a key strategy for success among Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Be available: Donors, Volunteers, and advocates expect an interaction with your organization on Facebook.
  4. Be positive: Create positive interactions and experiences with your Facebook community.
  5. Post at non-peak times: Vary and experiment with posting times to see what works for your fan base.
  6. Ask questions: Understand your fan base by asking highly specific closed questions.
  7. Share useful pics: Publish useful infographics and other self-explanatory pics.

Check out the full infographic below:


John Haydon