Instagram Ads Now Available for All Size Nonprofits

Instagram recently launched a self-serve ad platform that includes many of the same features that Facebook offers.

For instance, you can Target people based on the content they interact with on Instagram (liking, commenting, viewing, etc). This means that a small breast cancer foundation can now target Instagram users who share breast cancer stories, or engage with breast cancer content.

Instagram ads also allow nonprofits (and businesses) to reach specific objectives like enhancing awareness, increasing app installs, and driving website traffic.

Instagram Ads Can Have Different Call-To-Action Buttons

Check out the different call-to-action buttons in each Instagram ad below:


Instagram also announced 3 new features for their ads:

  1. Landscape photos and videos for a more “cinematic feel”.
  2. 30 second video ads for bite-sized storytelling.
  3. Tools to manage ads campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

What sets Instagram apart from Facebook and Twitter?

There are two important characteristics of Instagram that marketers should remember:

Demographics – Instagram users are slightly younger than Facebook (see comScore data below), and according to a report from Piper Jaffray, Instagram is more important to teens than Facebook or Twitter.

major social media demographics

Mobile – Most users access Instagram from a smart phone, which tends to drive higher click-through rates than Facebook (according to salesforce):

Have you used Instagram ads?

Share your experience in the comments.

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John Haydon