What Makes People Like, Comment, and Share?

How many times have you come up with a seemingly brilliant idea to engage your community, only to see it go down in flames?

How many times have you asked yourself:

  • Why isn’t anyone liking our pictures?
  • Why aren’t they sharing this important information?
  • Why do they share our competitor’s updates and not ours?

What makes people like, comment, and share?

As a strategist and coach, I’ve been asked these questions hundreds of times. And each time the answer is different, because each community is unique. Each cause is unique.

It’s NOT about the content

You’ll find that what makes people share has little to do with the topic of your post, or even the content. Liking, commenting, and sharing is driven by emotional and subconscious urges.

For example, I shared this post from German Shepherd Rescue New England (pictured above) because I want to be perceived as someone who:

  • Celebrates Christmas
  • Likes Christmas cookies and other sugary treats
  • Loves derpy dogs
  • Finds funny stuff on the web

These urges are hard-wired into every human being.

  • Liking – Liking tells others you were there. You peed on the bush.
  • Commenting – Comments define what you stand for in the group.
  • Sharing – Sharing makes you the source, the planter of the bush. Look what I found!

Here’s a simple graphic you can tack on your wall:

What Makes People Like Comment and Share

And for you dog lovers:

What Makes Dogs Like Comment and Share (2)

John Haydon