New and Improved Messaging Features for Facebook Pages

Facebook released an update of Facebook Pages messages for admins and moderators. These new features let you create more personalized conversations, manage your inbox, create notes for contacts, and even use canned replies.

Below are screenshots and brief rundown of the new messages features in Facebook Pages:

facebook messages

1. More Intuitive Design

Compose messages, share attachments, update contact notes, and interact with users from a single place.

2. View Deeper Profile Info

Facebook Page messages display more information about the people in your conversation (as shown above). You can see where they live, where they work, and when they liked your Facebook Page.

3. Notes and Keywords for Contacts

facebook messages - notes and keywords

If you ever struggle to remember previous conversations, you will love these two new features. Under the profile information on the right, you can add keywords and notes to contacts who message your Page (as shown above).

4. Create Canned Replies

facebook messages - canned repliesPage moderators can also create canned replies to use over and over again.

As you can imagine, this can save time responding to common questions that supporters have about a project, an issue, or an upcoming event.

5. Step Away for 12 Hours

Finally, with a single mouse click you can set your messaging status to “Away” for up to 12 hours. Users will see that you’re “Currently away” until you disable this feature.

Should you use the Facebook Page Messaging feature?

These new features will definitely increase your capacity as a community manager.

However, here are a few considerations around using these feature, Or not:

  • There’s nothing more frustrating for supporters than sending a message, expecting a reply, and getting nothing back. If you don’t have the resources to properly respond, turn off the messaging feature.
  • Consider activating this feature during events, like giving days and walkathons, and then deactivate it at other times. This gives supporters access when it matters, while also allowing you to focus resources elsewhere in between events.
  • Pages that deactivate messaging can actually increase reach as people post more questions to the page.

What do you think?

Are you using these new message features? Leave your comments and ideas below.

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