Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Search Ranking Kill Your SEO?

You’ve probably already noticed the “Mobile-friendly” designation in Google search results on your mobile phone. If not, here’s a screenshot from my iPhone:

mobile-friendly google search

Google (along with Facebook, Twitter, etc.) knows that the future of the web is already here. And that future exists on smartphones and tablets – not desktop or laptop browsers.

Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Website Search Algorithm

Google recently announced a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm which will hurt search rankings for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

First of all, don’t freak out. If your website has a responsive design, you’re probably fine.

Here are three things you can do to see how Google’s new search algorithm will impact your search rankings:

  1. Test your website: You can test your website with Google’s own mobile friendly test. Below are the test results for my website:google mobile friendly test resultsClick here to test your website.
  2. See how much mobile search traffic is arriving at your website. If you use Google analytics, you can add this handy dashboard created by David Kutcher. This report will quickly show you how much mobile traffic your site gets, and therefore the importance of a mobile-friendly site for your nonprofit.
    Simply click this link to add this custom report to your Google analytics account.
  3. Talk to a professional. If your website failed the mobile-friendly test, and if most of your traffic is from mobile, talk to a professional. Inbound Zombie, my web development company, builds mobile websites).

What did you learn? Is your site mobile friendly?

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John Haydon