New Facebook Call-To-Actions for Link Posts (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Facebook now allows you to add various CTAs to link posts using the Power Editor. CTAs include: “Sign Up”, “Book Now”, “Learn More”, “Shop Now” and “Download” (as shown below).

facebook cta

These CTAs are obviously geared towards retailers and for-profits. But what about nonprofits?

Call to actions work everywhere

First of all, call-to-actions do increase click-throughs – on your landing pages, blog posts, in your email messages, and in your Facebook Page updates.

CTAs work everywhere because, when it comes to all things internet, people are always asking themselves: “What am I supposed to DO now?” They may not be asking consciously, but on some level, people want gentle nudges.
So these new CTAs for link posts are totally worth testing!

How to add CTAs to Facebook link posts

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John Haydon