NEW Training: Fundraising with Facebook Ads

If you’re like most nonprofits, Facebook is an important way for you to engage supporters. You regularly post useful updates, reply to comments, and encourage fans to join your email list.

But what about Facebook ads? How can you use Facebook ads to promote fundraising events and other campaigns?

During a 90-minute training for the Nonprofit Marketing Guide, I’ll show you how to use Facebook Ads to more deeply engage your supporters, and raise more money.

You will learn:

How to create a Facebook Ad campaign game plan:

  • How the top nonprofits use Facebook Ads
  • Setting clear Facebook Ad objectives
  • Defining your Facebook Ad call-to-actions
  • Defining your audience
  • Creating your campaign message
  • Mapping your ads to your editorial calendar

How to launch your Facebook Ad campaign:

  • Selecting meaningful actions for your campaign
  • Preparing your Facebook Page for your campaign
  • Creating a donation page that converts
  • Selecting the best visual content for your ads
  • Selecting the best targeting criteria for your ads
  • Creating and scheduling your ad campaign
  • Monitoring clicks and conversions for each ad
  • Diverting your budget to your high-performing ads

How to get in front of your best audiences:

  • Recent website visitors
  • Repeat donors and core supporters
  • People who have engaged with your Facebook Page posts

How to target your best audience:

  • Previous donors and volunteers
  • Selecting your best audience segments
  • Creating email custom audiences
  • Exclusion targeting (people who already donated)

How to Boost Facebook Page Posts like a Pro:

  • Selecting the best posts from your Page
  • Editing your posts to drive website traffic
  • Using Facebook Graph and Audience Insights

Participants will also get the following BONUS materials:

  • Facebook Ad Campaign Planning Workbook (PDF)
  • How to create your first Facebook Ad (VIDEO)
  • How to create custom Facebook Ad audiences (VIDEO)
  • How to create simple split-tests for your Facebook Ads (VIDEO)

Check out all the details for this training at the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

John Haydon