Nobody Visits your Facebook Page and Why That Doesn’t Matter

Everyone hates change, even though it’s the norm with Facebook.

The biggest gripe about the new Facebook Page layout? The fact that custom apps are now tucked away under the info box (see for yourself on this page).

But it doesn’t matter because all the action is in the news feed.

26 timeline visits in 30 days…

Sara Piccola from ShortStack (affiliate link) emailed me to find out how many timeline visits Inbound Zombie received over the past 30 days.

My Page has over 17,000 fans, but only had 26 timeline visits in the past 30 days. Again, all the action is in the news feed.

timeline visits

Sara replied, “Ours is 270, out of 67k fans, but thats okay. It’s proving our point that people don’t interact with apps from the Timeline, so there’s no need to panic. :)”

Then I made this:


The news feed is the meeting place

The news feed is where Facebook users spend most of their time.

And smart marketers (you) know this.

Justin Laffery of Inside Facebook writes, The most efficient and predictable way to get a brand’s message in front of a fan (or potential fan) through Facebook is through the News Feed.” 

So don’t worry about how many people visits your Facebook Page.

Instead, focus your marketing effort on quality content, community managementtargeted Facebook ads, and a strategic use of Facebook apps.

What do you think?

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John Haydon