Accept gift cards as donations with givezooks!

Grain of Salt Disclaimer: Even though I’m one of the sweetest, nicest people you’ve ever met, I must tell you that givezooks pays me a teeny weeny bonus for any business I refer to them. Oh – I’m honest too.


Gift cards.

Back in July, I partnered with givezooks! on a webinar called “10 steps to Nonprofit success on Twitter”, which enabled me get to know their management team. They work hard, love what they do, make software that’s easy top use,  and promote the heck out of their client’s fundraising campiagns. But maybe many of you haven’t heard of givezooks!?

Who is givezooks!?

givezooks! makes fundraising tools that handle online donations while allowing donors to share and promote their actions on Facebook and Twitter. The service also turns supporters into fundraisers by allowing them to create their own personal fundraising page. So when friends of that supporter donate money on their page, they can also share that action on Facebook, Twitter or email. Empowering supporters to do “social fundraising” is what makes givezooks! so powerful.

Gift cards as donations

So when they recently announced a partnership with Plastic Jungle to accept giftcards, I felt it was worth sharing on my blog. This gives more options for donors, which means more money for non-profits!

Here’s how it works


Donor donates a gift card to a givezooks! online fundraiser.


Gift Card is processed by our partner, Plastic Jungle.


Plastic Jungle will then convert this gift card to cash, and send a check to the nonprofit.


The donor will then receive an electronic thank you note (that will also serve as a tax letter).

For more information and live examples, please check out the givezooks! website. They also have some pretty cool webinars on using social media.

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John Haydon