Three Ways Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Apps to Motivate Donors

3 Ways Non-profits can Use Facebook to Motivate Donors

This is a guest post from Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack, an amazing tool to create apps for Facebook Pages, websites and mobile.

Anyone who works for a non-profit knows all too well about the donation-scramble. This is why making an impactful Facebook Page should be an integral part your marketing efforts, is a no-brainer.

Facebook serves as a doorway to donors, allowing non-profits to provide brief updates and news bits to constituents. It’s also a one-stop shop for photos, success stories, and calls to action, which reenforce the mission. Lastly, Facebook is a favorite tool among non-profits because of its low, low price of … FREE!

Using custom apps like ShortStack can help increase donations during fundraising campaigns.

Three Ways Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Apps to Motivate Donors

1. Create a photo and video gallery
When a non-profit can establish emotional ties between its cause and its community, donations happen. One way to do this is to let pictures — photos and videos — tell the stories. With ShortStack, setting up an App with our video cascade template allows you to keep a permanent home for your non-Profit’s promo videos, special event video footage, news stories, and commercials.


2. Share stories about the people who benefit from your non-profit
The people who benefit from your non-profit’s efforts may have inspiring and moving stories to share. Facebook and Twitter offer a great venue for small pieces of inspiring status updates, but it’s easy to do even more with ShortStack’s Share Your Story template. Share Your Story engages users and raises awareness by making public the inspiring stories that drive your non-profit to do the good work it does.

Use this this template to run a contest or incentivize people to post their inspiring stories to your Facebook app. Once you have some contributions to your Share Your Story campaign, you can augment the impact by plucking inspiring quotes from these stories and posting them in your timeline feed.

3. Give your constituents breaking news stories right on your Facebook Page
Depending on their missions, non-profits can be closely affected by decisions made in Washington, DC.

For example, when researchers begin finding clues that may lead them to cures for diseases, when a group’s civil rights are in question, or when budget issues affect a certain community, non-profit administrators can share the news with their followers right on Facebook.

ShortStack offers a pre-made Blog/RSS template that keeps your donors privy to breaking news. If your non-profit already keeps a blog, this template is also a great way to give it some more publicity.


These are three of the many ways that ShortStack can help non-profits inspire and educate their donors, thus raising more crucial dollars that allow these organizations to continue doing the good work they do.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more about ShortStack’s tools that can benefit your non-profit’s fundraising efforts. Don’t miss these tips –  subscribe to ShortStack’s blog.

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