Products I recommend and why I recommend them

Here’s the deal: If you buy anything through affiliate links on my blog, and it turns out to be crap (which won’t happen anyhow), I will personally refund the money you spent if the vendor doesn’t.

Vendors I recommend

All of these products, I either use personally or recommend to clients.:

  • PostPlanner – A Facebook Page content curation and posting engine. Perfect for Pages with multiple admins.
  • Headway Themes Headway is the theme I use on this blog. In truth, it’s a website development engine that is extremely robust and flexible, and their support is awesome. I’ve also been friends with Grant Griffiths even before Headway was born.
  • Scribe – Scribe saves me time tweaking my blog posts for search. This WordPress plugin is only for bloggers who post more than once a week. It was inspired by Copyblogger who knows a few things about WordPress SEO.
  • Pippity Popup Pippity is a WordPress plugin that I use to optimize email acquisition. I’ve also recommended it to many clients.
  • Aweber – This is the service I use for my email list. They have great support, support list segmentation, and have an amazing reporting module. They also offer a nonprofit discount.
  • ShortstackShortstack is my number one choice for creating amazing Facebook Page custom tabs. You can create photo contents, reveal tabs, photo galleries and more.
  • Mindmeister – This is a mind-mapping tool that I use to collaborate with clients and manage projects. I love it because it gets how I think. 🙂


John Haydon