How Brain Science Gets People to Share More of Your Facebook Updates


Dan Zarrella recently conducted a study of over 1.2 million updates from the 10,000 most Liked Facebook Pages and found that updates that had CTAs got more engagement than updates that lacked a CTA.

Dan suggests:

 “Phrases like ‘leave a comment/Like this post/share this post if …’ may do wonders to spark engagement among your Facebook Page fans and visitors.”

Emotion versus Logic


You and I don’t take action based on reason alone. We take action when an emotion is triggered deep inside our brain.

Asking fans to “share if” (conditional sharing) gives Facebook users the precious opportunity to express something deeply personal. Especially if it triggers emotions like love, longing, fascination, sadness, anger or rage.

Make Sharing Emotional and Personal

Facebook Page updates get more shares
The Facebook update pictured above employs conditional sharing (“share if you know someone impacted by breast cancer”).

It’s also one of The Ellie Fund’s best Page updates ever!

Here’s another example from (anger) and another from the Obama campaign (belonging, righteous anger).

How have you made sharing emotional?

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John Haydon