Five Google Analytics Stats You Should Be Tracking

If want your website to increase email subscribers and new donors on your website (duh!), you first have to know what’s currently working (or not) on your website.

The best tool for this job is Google Analytics. Here are five important stats to measure with Google Analytics:

1. Visits

The Audience report in Google Analytics will show you how many visits your website is receiving within a specific time period. This report will tell you how well your social media, SEO, and other marketing strategies are working. But getting visits is just the beginning…

2. People

Within the Audience report, you can learn more about who’s visiting your website. How recently they’ve visited, how often they return, and how many are new visitors!

3. Sources

In Google Analytics, the Traffic Sources Overview will tell you how people are getting to your website. Are they finding you mainly through search? Through referring traffic? Or do they visit directly.

You can drill down into these sources for more details, and then develop strategies to get the most out of each referral source.

4. Pages

The content reports will help you understand what topics people are most interested in on your website.

These pages can (and should) be tweaked to increase new email subscribers, new donors or whatever other conversion goal you have for your website.

You also want to analyze what pages people enter on your site, and which pages they exit. Ultimately, you want some of your top exit pages to be the ones people hit AFTER they join your email list or make a donation.

5. Social Sources

Google Analytics includes a set of new reports that show where people engage with your content. You’ll be able to see what people are saying in each social network, and learn what type of content works best for each network.

Learn More About Google Analytics

Obviously there’s a lot more to Google Analytics than what you’ve just read. As a next step, check out their getting started webinar below:

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John Haydon