Is social media an art or a science?

Social Media Art Science

If you’re trying to use social media to promote your organization, you’ve no doubt found mountains full of information about measuring and monitoring social media.

You’ve also found almost as many articles about creating “engaging” content.

All this information makes you feel confident, but also a little bit divided.

Monitoring and measuring social media seem easy. After all, it’s a science where data is crunched and jumbled to get a final answer.

But content creation freaks you out because the last time you got praise for being creative was when you gave your mom a clay ashtray you made in first grade.

So is it an art or is it a science?

The short answer here is that every component within a social media strategy both is a science and a art.

Social Media is a Science

Social media is a science for several reasons:

So if you’re the scientific type, you’ll find an almost unlimited amount of resources. But these resources can’t tell how to find the opportunities in your data, or how tweak your strategy. You’ll have to rely on your own creativity for that.

So maybe…

Social Media is an Art

If social media was a canvas, people skills would be the paint.

So if you’re the artist type, you have the keys to a studio Picasso would die for.

Scientific inspiration

But posting and publishing works of art is a waste if no one comes to the exhibit. Knowing so means monitoring mentions and shares, which is kind of a science.

What do you think?


John Haydon