Finding Keywords That Will Get Google In Bed With Your Non-Profit’s Blog

Your non-profit social media strategy should include at least an interest in search optimizing your non-profit’s blog. While you want people to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a whole mess of other sites, you also want people to connect with you on Google. And these people do this by typing specific keywords into Google.

Do you know your keywords?

As I mentioned in “Video Post: Website vs. Blog – Search Engine Rankings“, Google tends to favor blogs over traditional websites for three main reasons (go back and re-read if you forget those reasons).

Key in the keyholeWhat I didn’t mention in that post was the importance of using specific keywords in your blog posts.

Michael Martine says in his WordPress SEO Secrets course that “In order to succeed at SEO, you need understand who your audience is, what they want, and how they think.” Understanding this perspective is the key to… uh… finding the best keywords.

Do this quick keyword exercise:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine that your ideal client has an immediate need for something you can provide.
  2. After a quick search on Google, they find your small business or non-profit and are done searching. You are the perfect match –  and they want to become a fan!
  3. Now, if you were able to ask this imaginary fan what specific words they typed into Google, what would they say? Use these words – not your industry buzz words and acronyms. Write those words down. Write down the pronouns, write down the questions.
  4. Type those questions and keywords into Google and write down the top 10 results. What do these results all have in common? What words are in the domain names?
  5. Use WordTracker’s free keyword suggestion tool and SpyFoo to generate other ideas for keywords.
  6. Begin to incorporate these keywords into your business strategy.

Note: Don’t be afraid to ask your real live clients to do this exercise. Your true fans will always want you to succeed!

Again, social media is about your efforts to build valuable relationships with people. But don’t forget about folks who you may not know about – and are already looking for you on Google.

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John Haydon