Your Spring Fundraising Appeal Letter: A Simple Checklist

You might be going back to previous donors and asking for general support. Or, you might be getting ready to request a particular list of supporters to fund your summer programs.

Either way, there are five things you must do to make your appeal letter a success.

  1. Convince the donor to open the envelope. Here are my best tips on how to keep your letter out of the recycling bin!
  2. Greet the donor by name. “Dear friend” won’t cut it in 2019. Here’s what to say instead.
  3. Write the last word first. Postscripts have the power to attract the donor’s eye…and win her heart.
  4. Don’t talk about you. Focus on the donor and how they can feel like a hero by helping someone, with a donation.
  5. Turn your stats into stories. If your letter isn’t telling a story about one person or family facing an enormous challenge who just needs the donor’s help to triumph, throw the letter out. Start again. You’ll be glad you did. Stories raise money.

Use these five points as your checklist, and your donors will send you checks!

John Haydon