17 Steps to Creating Explosively Successful Facebook Contests

Facebook contests can increase your fan-count and engagement. You can also build your email list with contests. But they have to be done right.

Fortunately, ShortStack created a pretty snappy infographic with 17 steps for creating explosive contests (see below).

Here’s a summary of all 17:

1. Is a Facebook contest right for your organization? If you’re looking to engage potential donors and volunteers, then yes.
2. Set some goals. Do you want to increase fans or engagement? If you’re looking to increase engagement with your posts, timeline contests might be a better fit.
3. Pick the right type of contests: Timeline, sweepstakes, essay, photo and video.
4. Familiarize yourself with Facebook Policies and Guidelines. You can check out Facebook’s list of dos and don’ts here.
5. Know what you want. Decide on the one thing you want the most (email, survey responces, etc)
6. Decide if you need a third-party app. Facebook doesn’t require third party apps, but they do make life easier.
7. If so you do go with a third-party app, choose the right one. The app should be flexible, embeddable, and mobile.
8. Start with free apps. This reduces your risk if the app didn’t perform as expected.
9. Weigh the pros and cons of the fan-gating. Fan-gating can boost your fan count, but it can also lower the overall quality of your fan base.
10. Pick a relevant prize. Remember, only a teeny sliver of the people who love iPads also love your cause.
11. Make it worthwhile. The value of entering must outweigh pain of entering. Doy.
12. Keep it simple. Only ask for info you really need – like a first name and an email.
13. Make it visible. Promote your contest with status updates, and your cover image.
14. Promote your contest with other marketing channels (blog, email, social, ads). Don’t be afraid to remind your community about the contest.
15. Buy ads. Yes, you should invest in ads. But if you’re new to using Facebook ads, follow this rule: Only promote posts about the contest that have a high engagement rate.
16. Mine the data. Spend time analyzing the campaign and the data you collected.
17. Follow up. Let your fans know that you still love them even though your contest was a total failure. Just kidding. Seriously though, say thanks.


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John Haydon