Why I switched my blog’s premium WordPress theme from Thesis to Headway

Many of you have asked me why I changed my WordPress theme from Thesis to Headway, given the fact that I was a rabid Thesis fan for over a year.

I hope this post answers this question.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Headway Themes and have included affiliate links within this post. If you’re wondering whether making commissions was part of my decision to switch, it wasn’t. I was also an affiliate for Thesis.

First of all, let me be clear: This post is not about bashing Thesis, but rather a comparison of the two. I’ve used Thesis for about a year and considered myself an advanced user (111 posts in the user forum since July of 2008). It’s a solid theme, for sure. But now, it’s not the only game in town.

When Grant Griffiths told me his son was developing a theme that would “kick the pants off Thesis” I think I responded with something like, “Yeah, whatever. Guthrie (my 5-year old) just got his orange belt in karate. I think he’ll be the next Bruce Lee.” I wrote off his enthusiasm as a fatherly response. Plus, I was sold on Thesis and nothing would get me to change.

It was not until Clay (Grant’s son) gave me a beta copy of Headway that my love for Thesis started to wane.

The videos below cover five features I’ve found mind-blowing about the Headway theme that I wished Thesis had.

You’ll see how I’ve been able to make changes to my blog without the need to code anything. You’ll see how the visual layout editor works, how to easily change colors, drag and drop editing of my navigation bar, and how to place various different widgets on each page of your blog.

Video1: Why I switched my WordPress theme from Thesis to Headway (Reason number 1 of 5)

Video 2: Why I switched my WordPress theme from Thesis to Headway (Reasons number 2 and 3 of 5)

Video 3: Why I switched my WordPress theme from Thesis to Headway (Reason number 4 and 5)

If you’d like to learn more about the Headway theme, please visit the Headway Themes website. You’ll find many more videos, a feature list and a list of bloggers who have already implemented Headway, including Jay Fleischman, Danny Brown and Chris Cree.

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John Haydon