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5 Ways Your Nonprofit Is Like a Hammerhead Shark

You’re probably wondering what hammerhead sharks have to do with digital marketing and fundraising. Well, I wondered the same thing. But my desire to write a blog post about sharks won over logic and reason. So… here are five ways your nonprofit is like a hammerhead shark: 1. You Both Possess Mutant-Like Eyeballs Hammerhead sharks can see almost 360 degrees. Nothing escapes their […]

The Six Personas Of Social Media Sharing

If you’ve been using Facebook or Twitter for a while, you’ve probably noticed that people connect and share information in different ways. Some of your friends share everything with everyone, and others are extremely selective about how (and what) they share. The New York Times partnered with Latitude Research to conduct a study to understand […]

The Hidden Cost of Hesitation

The people who visit your website today are very different from the people who visited your website five years ago. With the explosion of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, they expect a more social experience on your website. And if there’s a chasm between how they talk about your cause online, and what they experience when […]

The Unseen Aspects Of Your Facebook Page

Every Facebook page has a conspicuous aspect and an inconspicuous aspect. The conspicuous aspects of a Facebook page are the page design, page updates, and the activity of Facebook users. The inconspicuous aspects of a page are the positive or negative feelings a Facebook user has when they interact with that page. These positive or […]

Does Your Story Matter?

Pinterest Boards and Facebook Page timelines have given you powerful new ways to tell stories through images. And while Pinterest is all about images, Facebook’s evolving news feed emphasizes visual stories over any other type of content. How Facebook is changing how you tell your story First of all, you can use cover images to create that first brand […]

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