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4 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates With Psychology

Getting donors, volunteers, and subscribers to open your emails can sometimes feel impossible. Everyone gets way too many emails, and we’ve learned to filter out messages that aren’t important – either by ignoring them, deleting them, or marking them as spam. 4 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates With Psychology All the research about what works and what […]

I don’t get it

I was at Chipotle’s eating quesadillas and chips with my son. He comes back from the soda machine and shows me his drink cup. It looks like an ad for a movie, but it also looks like a commercial. It’s not clear. “I don’t get it”, he says. “That’s because you’re not supposed to“, I answer, which confuses him. […]

The Art and Science of Email Marketing for Nonprofits with @BlackBaud

If you’re like most nonprofits, you spend a fair mount of effort planning and crafting email campaigns. On October 9th, Steve MacLaughin (director of the Idea Lab at Blackbaud), will show you how you can improve your email: Deliverability rates Open rates Click-through rates Conversion rates Steve and I both contributed to “npEXPERTS: Online Marketing […]

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