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How to Engage Millennials – 3 Strategies Backed by Science

Since 2009, The Millennial Impact Project has shown you how millennials are engage with causes and how nonprofits engage millennials. Five years later, MCON and the Case Foundation have published a comprehensive analysis of the past four years (2009-2013) called The Four-Year Research Summary. The Four-Year Research Summary answers two questions: What are the most […]

Six Human Factors that Influence Virality

We have a false belief that the Internet makes something go viral. We see the video of goats screaming like humans, and we hope YouTube will bless our videos as well. But whether something ultimately goes “viral” hinges mostly on human factors, and NOT Pinterest or Twitter. People have been sharing for hundreds of thousands […]

Donor Retention or Acquisition: Which One Should You Focus On?

I came across an article on Lifehacker today about applying the “80/20 rule” to networking. The general premise is that you should spend 20 percent of your time cultivating new contacts, and 80 percent of your time strengthening the relationships you already have. Which donor retention metrics do you value? Many of our metrics seem to weigh […]

John Haydon