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4 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates With Psychology

Getting donors, volunteers, and subscribers to open your emails can sometimes feel impossible. Everyone gets way too many emails, and we’ve learned to filter out messages that aren’t important – either by ignoring them, deleting them, or marking them as spam. 4 Tips to Increase Email Open Rates With Psychology All the research about what works and what […]

Nine Words That Can Boost Year-End Appeals

In Content Marketing for Nonprofits, Kivi Leroux Miller mentions a study by Jen Shang, who researches philanthropic behavior uncovered 9 adjectives Americans use to define a good person: Kind Caring Compassionate Helpful Friendly Fair Hard-working Generous Honest As you can imagine, the process of going from awareness about an issue to taking action (donating, volunteering, […]

Proven Donor Cultivation Tips for Facebook and Email

In a recent interview for the Fundraising Authority podcast, Joe Garecht and I discuss several donor cultivation tips for Facebook, website, and email marketing. Donor cultivation tips for Facebook and email During this 60-minute episode, we cover the following juicy topics: Researching and understanding your audience with Facebook, email marketing and surveys. The differences between offline and […]

Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for 2015

As a consultant and trainer in the nonprofit community, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. And it’s here! Kivi publishing the first Nonprofit Communications Trends Report back in 2011, surveying 780 nonprofits. For the most recent report, Kivi surveyed 1,535 nonprofits – mostly in the United States. Highlights from […]

How to Write Your Best Fundraising Emails

Whether face-to-face, by email, or with trained carrier pigeons, how you ask for donations makes or breaks your fundraising campaign (note: carrier pigeons are a guaranteed attention-getter). Your message, and how it makes your potential donor feel is mission-critical. If they feel nothing, they will give nothing. But let’s face it, writing effective fundraising emails […]

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